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How Great Is God’s Plan ……. That It Uses Our Errors To Raise Us Up!


Have faith in your True Self.   You are not born of sin, you are a magnificent creation, born of the unconditional “Great Love” of your Source.


“You cannot be a little crumb and go to God. God does not know you as a little crumb. God knows you as a magnificent creation. You cannot go to God all self-inflated with a big name tag saying, “I am a magnificent creation!” and be a little crumb inside, either. You must go to God as God made you, not as you made yourself.” – – Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 7…_Volume_1.html


“If you are willing to learn from your errors, you will not be so afraid to recognize them. Then you will wish to understand them, not to deny them, not to bear false witness against them, not to call them by other names, but to admit them for your own benefit. From this recognition, you will be able to assist others in the reclamation of Knowledge,  [The Intelligence Of Spirit] for they too must learn how to learn from their errors.” – “Steps To Knowledge“, Step 73


“God does not punish the sinful because God Knows without Knowledge all you can do is commit error, perhaps minor errors, socially acceptable errors, errors in keeping with the general beliefs and consensus of your culture, but errors nonetheless. These errors disassociate you from yourself; they disassociate you from others; they are prejudicial. Without Knowledge, you will look through the lens of fear and desire, and you will not see the truth of your own nature, or the truth of the nature of those around you.” – “Sin, Error And The Power Of Redemption”, The New Message From God


“Do not let the errors of the world dissuade you. Let the errors of the world prompt you and inspire you towards Knowledge, for this is part of the gift of the world.” – “Steps To Knowledge“, Step 255


“Your life may be filled with errors and mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices, but you have still come from your Ancient Home to which you will return. Your worthiness in the sight of God is unchanged. There is only great effort to repair your errors so that you may experience your True Self so that it may be rendered into the world.”  – “Steps To Knowledge”, Step 24


How Great Is God's Love .... That It Uses Our Errors To Raise Us Up

How Great Is God’s Love …. That It Uses Our Errors To Raise Us Up


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God’s Love Is With You, Always ….. Waiting Patiently For You To Respond.


A Greater Engagement

“A Greater Power and Presence preside over the physical universe, a universe far greater and more expansive than what you can possibly imagine, and even beyond the physical universe to the greater realms of Creation itself, which is something that few people in the world have even considered to be possible.

Yet the Higher Authority speaks to you in your most private place, the center of your Being, deep beneath the surface of your mind. This is your greatest relationship. It is the source of meaning and purpose in all of your relationships with people, with places and even with things.

You need this Higher Authority now to speak to the deeper part of you, to acquaint you with the deeper part of you and to prepare you for living in a new world and for engaging with a universe of intelligent life, that is the Greater Community of life.

The Ancient Voice is speaking to you now. It is like the rivers that run underground, under the desert, underground rivers of the purest water but which cannot be seen from the surface and which cannot be found except by other means.  – Excerpts “The Engagement”.  Continue Reading >>>

God's Love Is With You, Always.

God’s Love Is With You, Always.

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God’s Love is like the air you breathe. You take it for granted. You never think about it. But you need it every moment. Love is here. Can you experience it?



“Love is like the air you breathe. You take it for granted. You never think about it. But you need it every moment. Love is here. Can you experience it? Knowledge is within you. It is quiet. It is also giving you counsel. Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Are you willing to go to it with your hands open, without demands, without beliefs, just go to it? “I go to God.” You go to God. “What is God’s Will for me? What must I do in this situation? Should I be with this person? Yes or no? Should I go to this place? Yes or no? Should I engage in this activity? Yes or No?”

Everything is simple. No deals. No compromises. “Well, I’ll do a little of this, if God gives a little of that. I’ll make a deal with God.” No deals. You are either open to guidance or you are not. You are either willing to put in doubt what you want for yourself or you are not. This does not mean that you surrender yourself to God. That happens perhaps much later. This is just a little opening, a little willingness, a beginning. You have to begin as a beginner. You cannot simply leap into a mature state in your relationship with God. You have to take the steps. And God provides the steps.

Love is the movement of Knowledge within you. Knowledge is the greater intelligence that God has placed within you to guide, to protect and to lead you to the discovery of your greater purpose in this world at this time. Everything else that calls itself love is just a parade. It has no devotion in it. It has no wisdom in it. It is without substance. Life will not support it.”

– Excerpts “The Great Love”. To continue reading click here >>>


God's Love Is Everywhere.

God’s Love Is Everywhere. Everything Is Within God’s Love.



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You Are Not Born Of “Original Sin”, You Are Born Of God’s Love ….


No matter how great your errors, in number, or in magnitude, your worthiness in the sight of God is unchanged.  You have a spiritual origin, and a spiritual destiny.   You are born of God’s Love, and to God’s Love you will return.   You can begin that return today, if you wish.   God is patiently waiting for you to acknowledge and discover the Power and the Presence of your Source, which dwells, eternally, within you.


“Why would God be so upset with individuals when God knows exactly what they are going to do, when God understands that they are in a reality where error is so prevalent and the seductions of error are so great, there are very few people who would ever surmount them?”

“Your life may be filled with errors and mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices, but you have still come from your Ancient Home to which you will return. Your worthiness in the sight of God is unchanged. There is only great effort to repair your errors so that you may experience your True Self so that it may be rendered into the world.” –   Read more about ‘sin’ here >>>



is a mere sentiment, not love that is a form of intoxication
surrounding an urgent desire born of fear. Knowledge is the seed of
true love, not the love that seeks to conquer, to possess and to
dominate, but the love that seeks to serve, to empower and to free
another. Become the recipient of this love today so that it may flow
through you to the world, for without your denial it will most surely
do this.

UPON THE HOUR, REPEAT THIS STATEMENT and feel its full impact,
regardless of the circumstance that you find yourself in. Allow each
circumstance to support your practice, and you will find that your
practice will have an increasingly potent effect on your external life. In
your two deeper practices today, enter into the presence of Knowledge
and receive its love. Affirm your worthiness and your receptivity.
Relinquish your presumptions about yourself and the world, and allow
yourself to have an experience that will demonstrate the truth beyond
any assumption.This is your practice today.This is your gift to
yourself, to your world and to your Creator so that you may receive
the gift of love.

PRACTICE 181: “TODAY I RECEIVE THE LOVE OF KNOWLEDGE”, Steps To Knowledge, The Book Of Inner Knowing.  Available, free, here >>>

*Knowledge is “The Intelligence Of Spirit”, which resides within you.


You Are Born Of God's Love

You Are Born Of God’s Love


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You Are Worthy Of God’s Love …



are God’s love.Without pretense of any kind, at the very core
of yourself, this is your True Self. It is not the Self you yet
experience, and until you do experience it, do not pretend that this is
your experience. But hold in true awareness that this is your Self.You
are a person, but you are greater than a person. How can you be
unworthy of God’s love if that is what you are? Your Teachers surround
you and provide that which you are so that you may experience
yourself and your true relationship with life.

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, practice receiving once
again the love, support and direction of your Teachers, and if any
thought obstructs this, if any feeling prevents this, remind yourself of
your great worthiness.You are worthy not for what you have done in
the world.You are worthy for who you are, where you have come
from and where you are going.Your life may be filled with errors and
mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices, but you have still come
from your Ancient Home to which you will return.Your worthiness in
the sight of God is unchanged.There is only great effort to repair your
errors so that you may experience your True Self so that it may be
rendered into the world.

THEREFORE, IN YOUR PRACTICE PERIODS, practice receptivity and
experiencing true worthiness. Let no thought conflict with the greatest
truth of life.
PRACTICE 24: “Steps To Knowlege”, The Book Of Inner Knowing, available free, here >>>


You Are Worthy Of God's Love

You Are Worthy Of God’s Love


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“God’s Ancient Covenant With Humanity” Is God’s Promise, To Bring You Back “Home”, Within The Great Love Of Your Source ….


“God’s Ancient Covenant With Humanity” –

“People want to have a concrete understanding. But God is mysterious. What God has put within you to follow is mysterious. And while you are in the world, your greater life beyond the world is mysterious.

Therefore, the Mystery is an essential and fundamental part of your life, greater than you currently realize. It stands as the greater aspect of your reality. It represents your origin and your destiny beyond this world—the mystery of your relationships, the deeper inclinations, the mystery of the power of *Knowledge and the greater intelligence the Creator has given to you, which is waiting to be discovered.

So you may ask, “What is this Covenant? Explain it to me.” And We say, God has put Knowledge within you, a perfect guiding intelligence. God has given you a deeper conscience, which is part of this deeper intelligence. God has sent you into the world to serve in a unique capacity in certain situations, engaging with certain individuals in certain circumstances.

At this moment, you do not fully understand what all this means, what is required or where it will all take place. But it is only at the end of life, looking backwards that you can see whether you have made this primary engagement in the world or not. The primary engagement in the world is based on the deeper engagement with Knowledge within yourself, an intelligence that exists beyond the realm of your intellect, beneath the surface of the mind.”   Excerpts from “God’s Ancient Covenant With Humanity”, click here, to continue reading >>>

*Knowledge is “The Intelligence Of Spirit”, which resides, eternally, within you.


"God's Ancient Covenant With Humanity" | An Expression Of God's Love

“God’s Ancient Covenant With Humanity” | An Expression Of God’s Love


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If A Religion, Or Spiritual Path Is True, It Will Point You ‘Within’, To The Source Of Your Eternal Connection To God ……

“The mountain of life is very great. There are different pathways. No one is quicker than the other. The question is which one is right for you. The only way you will know which one is genuinely right for you is because Knowledge [the Intelligence Of Spirit] will take you there. Your ambitions will not take you there. Your goals and desires will not take you there. Your quest for love or money will not take you there. Only Knowledge will take you there. There are false paths, and many of them, because of all the things that motivate people that are not Knowledge. There are many wasted endeavors and wasted lives because of all the things that motivate people which are not born of Knowledge.

Essentially, religion is The Way of Knowledge, in whatever tradition it is placed. It emphasizes real understanding. Real understanding of direction, purpose and meaning in life is born of a deeper and more profound experience, of a greater association and sense of inclusion and of yielding to a Greater Power that is active and alive in your life. You can be a Catholic, a Buddhist or a tribesman and have this experience. You could be anyone in the world and have this experience. If you continue to have this experience, open yourself to it and seek instruction and companionship, you will be following The Wayof Knowledge. You will be living a religious life within a larger context of understanding.”

Excerpt, Chapter 19 “What Is Religion”?, “Greater Community Spirituality


 Video: “Do You Know That The Power And The Presence Of Spirit Resides, Eternally, Within You?