Heaven Waits For You To Be Open To Receive, “The Blessing Of Your Life” …..

Heaven responds to those whose need is great, and who make their request not only for beneficial outcomes of restitution, but to have the Presence come upon them, to show them the way out of the jungle of their past, and their life.  

I pray that you will pray like this.  Like your whole life depended on it;  “I ‘must’ know!”.  That’s a sign for Heaven.  We keep waiting for Heaven to give us a sign … and Heaven is waiting for us to give it the sign that we are ready to continue forward.  

I pray for you, because if you can do this, others’ lives will be redeemed.  Your Redemption requires that other lives be redeemed.  Not just your spouse, or your children, or the people whom you have a natural association and endearment, but people who you don’t know.

Freedom is not free.  You have to earn it.  You have to want it.  You have to struggle with those forces in yourself, and around you, that impede you or will hold you back… will keep you down.   And I want you to be free, because if you are free, greater things can happen, and the Revelation will move through you.

–  Excerpts, “The Blessing Of Your Life”, by Marshall Vian Summers, God’s Messenger.  Listen to the full Prayer / Revelation, here >>>



God Awaits Your Call

God Awaits Your Call


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