Your Calling Is Awaiting You | You Have An Origin & A Destiny Beyond This World


You have an origin and a destiny beyond this world. It means that life is eternal even as it passes through this temporary phase of worldly existence.

Be grateful, then, that the relationships you reclaim unto yourself you will be able to keep, for once you have recognized another, you cannot forget that person. The advancement you make here is permanent.

It is only your assessment of yourself that can deteriorate. It is only your ability to meet your destiny in the world that can be offset or denied, thus wasting your valuable time.

Would you want to go through birth and childhood all over again just to arrive at the point at which you are now? Who would want to go through twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years of preparation all over again? You do not want to go through all of this again.

Therefore, make full use of where you are now. Your higher purpose is with you. Do not define it. It will define you. Your calling is awaiting you. Do not define it, for it will emerge when you are ready.

Passage from Relationships and Higher Purpose, Chapter 11: Your Purpose and Spiritual Calling.


God's Love Is Calling You To Return

God’s Love Is Calling You To Return

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“Grace” Is God’s Love. In The Moment When Grace Is Shining Through You, You Will Be Free …..



“In the moment when Grace is shining through you, you will be free.

Grace is shared responsibility … a life that is inspired and determined.

Heaven will teach you how to be in the World in a new way, so Grace can move through you.

God has provided “Steps To Knowledge“, to bring you to Grace.”



God has found you as you are drifting in the vastness of the seas, found you. Like a tiny speck on the surface of the ocean, you have been found.

“God has found you as you are drifting in the vastness of the seas, found you. Like a tiny speck on the surface of the ocean, you have been found.” ‘The Initiation’ –


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Heaven Waits For You To Be Open To Receive, “The Blessing Of Your Life” …..

Heaven responds to those whose need is great, and who make their request not only for beneficial outcomes of restitution, but to have the Presence come upon them, to show them the way out of the jungle of their past, and their life.  

I pray that you will pray like this.  Like your whole life depended on it;  “I ‘must’ know!”.  That’s a sign for Heaven.  We keep waiting for Heaven to give us a sign … and Heaven is waiting for us to give it the sign that we are ready to continue forward.  

I pray for you, because if you can do this, others’ lives will be redeemed.  Your Redemption requires that other lives be redeemed.  Not just your spouse, or your children, or the people whom you have a natural association and endearment, but people who you don’t know.

Freedom is not free.  You have to earn it.  You have to want it.  You have to struggle with those forces in yourself, and around you, that impede you or will hold you back… will keep you down.   And I want you to be free, because if you are free, greater things can happen, and the Revelation will move through you.

–  Excerpts, “The Blessing Of Your Life”, by Marshall Vian Summers, God’s Messenger.  Listen to the full Prayer / Revelation, here >>>



God Awaits Your Call

God Awaits Your Call

The Love and the Will of God is Beyond All Projections Of The Human Mind ……

“Real love emanates from Knowledge [The Intelligence Of Spirit].  It in essence is the expression of Knowledge. When Knowledge moves you to do something—perhaps something you were never planning to do, something you do not understand, something that flies in the face of your plans and goals and ambitions—this expresses love because you are expressing the Will of God, which is the Love of God. For God’s Love is not separate from God’s Will. God does not think like your intellect thinks—happy one day, sad the next, happy with this, angry with that, cruel and punishing over those who make mistakes or who live in error. This is not God. This is the human mind projecting a human mind onto God and projecting onto God human feelings and grievances. It is all a projection of the human mind. But God is beyond all this. And the Love and the Will of God is beyond all this.

So if you live in your personal mind or what you could call your “surface mind,” all your notions of God are associated with your personal mind. You think that God is just a super personality, a huge gigantic intellect, but an intellect that is subject to fear and anxiety, to hatred and recrimination, to judgment and punishment, to fixed ideas, to righteousness and heresy. This is a God that people think thinks like them, acts like them and behaves like them.

It is better to set aside your ideas of God and to follow what God has placed within you to follow, to see what God has placed within you to see, to hear what God has placed within you to hear. Only here can you experience God and experience your relationship with God. And ultimately, if you are successful in following the power and presence of Knowledge within yourself, you will discover God’s Will for you in this life, in this world, at this time.”

– excerpts “The Great Love”.


The Love & The Will Of God Is Beyond All Projections Of The Human Mind

The Love & The Will Of God Is Beyond All Projections Of The Human Mind

You Are Honored By God ……


“YOU ARE HONORED BY GOD, and yet this statement can
inflame your sense of uncertainty, arouse your sense of guilt,
confuse your sense of pride and stimulate all manner of conflict
that actually exists within you now. In the past you have attempted to
be something unreal, and it has failed you. Now you are afraid to be
anything for fear that failure will pursue you once again.Thus,
greatness appears to be littleness and littleness appears to be greatness,
and all things are seen backwards or reversed from their true meaning.

YOU ARE HONORED BY GOD whether you can accept this or not.
It is true regardless of human evaluation, for only things that are
beyond evaluation are true.We are taking you to that which is beyond
evaluation, which will be the greatest discovery possible in this life or
in any life.

seriously. In your two practice periods, allow your mind once again to
be still and receptive so that you may learn to receive the honor that
God has for you. Surely, this honor must be directed towards a part of
you that you are barely aware of. It is not your behavior that is
honored. It is not your idealism that is honored. It is not your beliefs,
your assumptions, your demands or your fears.These may be for good
or for ill.These may serve you or betray you. But honor is reserved for
something greater, which you are now learning to recognize.

– PRACTICE 103: “Steps To Knowledge“, The Book Of Inner Knowing. Available free, to all.

You Are Honored By God - "Steps To Knowledge"

You Are Honored By God – “Steps To Knowledge”












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The greatest powers that are assisting you are unseen. You Live Within The Grace, Power and Protection Of God’s Love.



“The greatest powers that are assisting you are unseen. However, they can be known, and it is your privilege to know them. The greater powers perhaps cannot be touched, but they can touch you, and you can receive their grace and utilize it appropriately, for it is you who must grow and regain your strength and authority. In this, you must be supported but not overshadowed. You must be assisted but not manipulated. You must be protected but not guarded. What great compassion this demonstrates.” – Excerpt, “Greater Community Spirituality“, Chapter 16


“The Unseen Ones are watching. You can feel them, and you can hear them. Though they will not come too close so as not to dominate you or to cast too great an influence upon you, they will abide with you. Remember them. They have not forgotten you.” –  Excerpt:


“Your Spiritual Family beyond the world is supporting your spiritual development by communicating to you through the Mental Environment. The Unseen Ones are supporting your spiritual development by overseeing your participation in the world and by participating with you at the critical turning points of your life. And the Creator is supporting your spiritual development because the Creator has given you Knowledge—a pure, guiding intelligence within you. Beyond the reach of the world and worldly contamination, it remains ever pure and ever complete within you.”  – Excerpt: “Living The Way Of Knowledge“, Chapter 6


“There are Angels of the Creator who help humanity with more immediate things, with practical matters, with urgent needs for the well-being of communities and for the advancement of people’s efforts that are truly beneficial.”  –  Excerpt “Why A New Message From God”.


“In order to enter into holy union with your Teachers, you must share your Teachers’ greatness, thus releasing you from the debilitating ideas and self-doubts that have been the context in which you have tried to organize and direct your affairs and establish your life in exile.” – “Secrets Of Heaven“, Secret 17


The Greatest Powers That Are Assisting You Are Unseen

The Greatest Powers That Are Assisting You Are Unseen



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