God’s Love Is Calling For You To Awaken, And Deliver Your Inherent Gifts Unto The World.

Your Calling is Awaiting You

You have an origin and a destiny beyond this world. It means that life is eternal even as it passes through this temporary phase of worldly existence.

Be grateful, then, that the relationships you reclaim unto yourself you will be able to keep, for once you have recognized another, you cannot forget that person. The advancement you make here is permanent.

It is only your assessment of yourself that can deteriorate. It is only your ability to meet your destiny in the world that can be offset or denied, thus wasting your valuable time.

Would you want to go through birth and childhood all over again just to arrive at the point at which you are now? Who would want to go through twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years of preparation all over again? You do not want to go through all of this again.

Therefore, make full use of where you are now. Your higher purpose is with you. Do not define it. It will define you. Your calling is awaiting you. Do not define it, for it will emerge when you are ready.

Passage from Relationships and Higher Purpose, Chapter 11: Your Purpose and Spiritual Calling.

You Have A Calling In The World


Who Serves Manifest Life? | Unseen Forces Assist God’s Plan, To Bring Us “Home”.


Serving all of manifest life in the universe, there are Unseen Forces. These Unseen Forces speak for what is good and necessary. They serve as a source of encouragement and reinforcement for those who are beginning to experience and recognize Knowledge, the great spiritual inheritance that the Creator of all life has imbued in all intelligent races.

The Presence of these Unseen Forces gathers where Knowledge is being experienced and expressed. They constitute the Angelic Presence that is assigned to each world, and it includes those who assist this Angelic Presence as well. Even in worlds where there is no religious tradition that are governed by strict dictatorial forms of government, even there, there is an Angelic Presence. Wherever intelligent life has originated or has migrated, you will find this Presence.

Those who have become close to Knowledge, who have taken the steps to Knowledge, they will feel this Presence. This Presence can guide them and instruct them, warn them and prepare them. Yet because it is beyond the visible range and even beyond the realm of the mental environment, these Unseen Forces can exist without the awareness of those races they are meant to serve. Even those individuals who are developed and skilled in insight and clairvoyance, even they will not be able to discern, with any accuracy, the presence and the work of these Unseen Forces.

In many places in the Greater Community, they are called the Unseen Ones. Their Presence indicates that God has a Plan. The Plan for the universe is to reclaim the separated through Knowledge and, through these individuals, to provide unique forms of contribution for the well-being and the advancement of their races. Here progress is made in terms of the realization of Knowledge, ending the separation between those who are in the physical universe and the Source of all life and, at the same time, providing meaningful and essential contribution to science, philosophy, literature, ethics and so forth.

Passage from Life in the UniverseChapter 11, Unseen Forces in the Universe. Join the Free School of the New Message and engage in the Greater Plan for humanity and this session “Preparing for the Greater Community”.


God's Love - Bringing Us "Home"

God’s Love – Bringing Us “Home”


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The Presence [Of God] Knows You, And Loves You, Unconditionally ………


“The Presence loves you, and knows everything about you and why you are here and what must be done.

What could be a more powerful and affirming relationship than this?”

God’s Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.  March 29th, 2014


"The Presence Loves You" - Marshall Vian Summers

“The Presence Loves You” – Marshall Vian Summers

How Great Is God’s Plan ……. That It Uses Our Errors To Raise Us Up!


Have faith in your True Self.   You are not born of sin, you are a magnificent creation, born of the unconditional “Great Love” of your Source.


“You cannot be a little crumb and go to God. God does not know you as a little crumb. God knows you as a magnificent creation. You cannot go to God all self-inflated with a big name tag saying, “I am a magnificent creation!” and be a little crumb inside, either. You must go to God as God made you, not as you made yourself.” – – Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 7…_Volume_1.html


“If you are willing to learn from your errors, you will not be so afraid to recognize them. Then you will wish to understand them, not to deny them, not to bear false witness against them, not to call them by other names, but to admit them for your own benefit. From this recognition, you will be able to assist others in the reclamation of Knowledge,  [The Intelligence Of Spirit] for they too must learn how to learn from their errors.” – “Steps To Knowledge“, Step 73


“God does not punish the sinful because God Knows without Knowledge all you can do is commit error, perhaps minor errors, socially acceptable errors, errors in keeping with the general beliefs and consensus of your culture, but errors nonetheless. These errors disassociate you from yourself; they disassociate you from others; they are prejudicial. Without Knowledge, you will look through the lens of fear and desire, and you will not see the truth of your own nature, or the truth of the nature of those around you.” – “Sin, Error And The Power Of Redemption”, The New Message From God


“Do not let the errors of the world dissuade you. Let the errors of the world prompt you and inspire you towards Knowledge, for this is part of the gift of the world.” – “Steps To Knowledge“, Step 255


“Your life may be filled with errors and mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices, but you have still come from your Ancient Home to which you will return. Your worthiness in the sight of God is unchanged. There is only great effort to repair your errors so that you may experience your True Self so that it may be rendered into the world.”  – “Steps To Knowledge”, Step 24


How Great Is God's Love .... That It Uses Our Errors To Raise Us Up

How Great Is God’s Love …. That It Uses Our Errors To Raise Us Up


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God’s Love is like the air you breathe. You take it for granted. You never think about it. But you need it every moment. Love is here. Can you experience it?



“Love is like the air you breathe. You take it for granted. You never think about it. But you need it every moment. Love is here. Can you experience it? Knowledge is within you. It is quiet. It is also giving you counsel. Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Are you willing to go to it with your hands open, without demands, without beliefs, just go to it? “I go to God.” You go to God. “What is God’s Will for me? What must I do in this situation? Should I be with this person? Yes or no? Should I go to this place? Yes or no? Should I engage in this activity? Yes or No?”

Everything is simple. No deals. No compromises. “Well, I’ll do a little of this, if God gives a little of that. I’ll make a deal with God.” No deals. You are either open to guidance or you are not. You are either willing to put in doubt what you want for yourself or you are not. This does not mean that you surrender yourself to God. That happens perhaps much later. This is just a little opening, a little willingness, a beginning. You have to begin as a beginner. You cannot simply leap into a mature state in your relationship with God. You have to take the steps. And God provides the steps.

Love is the movement of Knowledge within you. Knowledge is the greater intelligence that God has placed within you to guide, to protect and to lead you to the discovery of your greater purpose in this world at this time. Everything else that calls itself love is just a parade. It has no devotion in it. It has no wisdom in it. It is without substance. Life will not support it.”

– Excerpts “The Great Love”. To continue reading click here >>>


God's Love Is Everywhere.

God’s Love Is Everywhere. Everything Is Within God’s Love.



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You Are Worthy Of God’s Love …



are God’s love.Without pretense of any kind, at the very core
of yourself, this is your True Self. It is not the Self you yet
experience, and until you do experience it, do not pretend that this is
your experience. But hold in true awareness that this is your Self.You
are a person, but you are greater than a person. How can you be
unworthy of God’s love if that is what you are? Your Teachers surround
you and provide that which you are so that you may experience
yourself and your true relationship with life.

IN YOUR TWO PRACTICE PERIODS TODAY, practice receiving once
again the love, support and direction of your Teachers, and if any
thought obstructs this, if any feeling prevents this, remind yourself of
your great worthiness.You are worthy not for what you have done in
the world.You are worthy for who you are, where you have come
from and where you are going.Your life may be filled with errors and
mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices, but you have still come
from your Ancient Home to which you will return.Your worthiness in
the sight of God is unchanged.There is only great effort to repair your
errors so that you may experience your True Self so that it may be
rendered into the world.

THEREFORE, IN YOUR PRACTICE PERIODS, practice receptivity and
experiencing true worthiness. Let no thought conflict with the greatest
truth of life.
PRACTICE 24: “Steps To Knowlege”, The Book Of Inner Knowing, available free, here >>>


You Are Worthy Of God's Love

You Are Worthy Of God’s Love


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You Are Loved, Surrounded and Supported By The Teachers Of God …



but for now it may require great faith.This idea may challenge
existing ideas or beliefs, but it is true nonetheless. God’s Plan is
invisible and recognized by very few because very few have the
openness of mind and the quality of attention that will allow them to
see what is obviously occurring around them, which at this point is
not obvious to them at all.Your Teachers love you, surround you and
support you, for you are emerging into *Knowledge.This calls them to
your side.You are one of the few who has the promise and the
opportunity to emerge from the sleep of your own imagination into
the grace of Reality.

support and direction. It is a feeling. It is not ideas. It is a feeling. It is
something you must feel. Love is something you must feel to know.
You are indeed loved, surrounded and supported by your Teachers, and
you are very worthy of their great gift to you.”

“Step 23”, “Steps To Knowledge”, The Book Of Inner Knowing.  Available FREE, to all.

*”Knowledge” is ‘The Intelligence Of Spirit’, residing, eternally within you.

"Nasi Novare Coram" - The Presence Of The Teachers Of God Is With You

“Nasi Novare Coram” – The Presence Of The Teachers Of God Is With You