Death Is A Beginning, And An Ending. God’s Love Is Eternal. So Are You.



“The source of all fear is the belief that you are temporary, that death awaits you and that everything you value and everything that is meaningful to you can be taken away at any moment.” –  Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 24


“The fear of death is a very pervasive fear… It is the great price of consciousness. And with the fear of death is the loss of peace and equanimity…This is the great price of being conscious of one’s future… This is the burden of the awareness of life and death. It is the price one pays for having a greater consciousness in a world of change. It is the difficulty an eternal being must face in living in a temporary reality.” – Fear of Death and the Return to Life, January 21, 2008


“You have come from death to here. Death is both the beginning and an ending, but it is only a stage of your great existence and your great service to life.” – What happens after death? July 11, 2008


“When you leave this life, when your body passes away, it is not like you disappear and go somewhere else. You just awaken to what has always been there. There are those who sent you into the world, waiting to greet you. And there is the Presence, the magnificent Presence. You did not journey from one place to another to experience this. It was always there.” – The Presence,December 7, 2009 The New Message.


“Increasingly, you will have a sense that there is a presence, an intelligence, on the other side. In fact, you will have the experience that there is a great group assisting you and cheering for you. This will ease and eventually eliminate your fear of death because you will see that your Spiritual Family is waiting there.” – Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 13


“When this life is over and you return to your Spiritual Family, they will only have one question for you, and that is whether you made your sacred rendezvous in life and gave your gifts to the world. And in that moment you will know with absolute clarity whether you did or did not. There is no punishment here, but the weight of failure is great. It means you will have to try again, and go through the whole process all over again. That should be incentive enough to encourage most people to proceed.” – The Rays of Initiation (July 24, 2012)


“Learning to be happy is learning to accept Knowledge [The Intelligence Of Spirit, your True Self] today. Knowledge is happy today. If you are not happy, you are not with Knowledge. Happiness does not always mean having a smile on your face. It is not a behavior. Genuine happiness is a sense of self, a sense of wholeness and satisfaction. If a loss has occurred in your life, a loss of a loved one, you may still be happy, though you may shed tears. It is all right to shed tears, for this does not need to betray a greater happiness within you, for these also may be tears of happiness. Happiness is not a form of behavior. Let us remind you of this. It is a sense of inner satisfaction. Knowledge will give this to you because it will simplify your life and allow your mind to concentrate on that which it is given to do in reality.This will empower you, simplify you and provide a greater harmony than you could have known before.

– Excerpt, Steps To Knowledge, Step 103.


"Death" - An Ending, And A Beginning

“Death” – An Ending, And A Beginning


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