How God Speaks To You …..



The real God, the pure God has been shining like the sun upon you. Regardless of the clouds in the sky, regardless of the pollution in the atmosphere and the turbulence on the ground, God is like the sun shining upon you.

What God has created in you lives within you now. It lives beyond your intellect, beyond your thoughts and understanding, beyond your concepts, beyond your ideas and beliefs in a deeper place within you—a deeper mind, a mind that in the New Message is called Knowledge. It is the mind that knows. It is the mind that waits. It is the mind that sees clearly without distortion, without fear, without preference, without confusion or speculation.



The power, the draw and the calling of God are within you, deep beneath the surface of your mind. With this is the memory of the greater purpose that you are born with, which is not a purpose for Separation, but a purpose for contribution, which has the power to undo your Separation and to liberate you from it, thus returning to you the strength, the confidence and the reality that you are not alone. You are in the world for a purpose now. ~ Learn more about your True Self, and your Higher Purpose; listen to  “The True Calling”



God is speaking to everybody—even those who do not believe what you believe, even those who do not adhere to your religion, those of other countries and tribes and groups who might live very differently from you and have different social customs and values.  God is speaking to them. God does not only speak to the people of one faith tradition. God does not function at the level of ideas. God is not a super intellect because God exists beyond the physical reality, and beyond the physical reality you do not need ideas in the way that you think of them now. Ideas are related to form, to people, places and things and to the interpretation of events. God lives beyond this reality.


God speaks to the individual, and more rarely and at great thresholds of human and world evolution, God speaks to the whole world.  We are living at a “Time of Revelation“.  God is speaking again to the human family, speaking to serve the greatest purpose and the greatest set of needs.  ~ Learn more, read or listen to “God Has Spoken Again