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While the World becomes more chaotic, it is time to ‘pull in’ …. to listen deeply to the Power that lives within you.

“While the World becomes more chaotic, it is time to pull in, to listen deeply to the Power that lives within you.

A Power and a Presence that is greater than your intellect, greater than your mind.  It dwells within a deep well of silence.

A great space within you, that exists with the surface of your mind.

Here you will find clarity.  Here you will escape deception, confusion, fear and anxiety.

You are entering the deep well of the mind now.  A deep well that is certain, that is clear and that is not corrupted or persuaded by the outer World.

This must become your compass and your guide.  With the difficult and turbulent times ahead.  For the World is undergoing great change, great environmental change, economic contraction and the decline of the World’s resources.

You will need this greater compass now”

– Excerpts, “The Deep Experience Of God”, Marshall Vian Summers.  Listen to the full Teaching, below:



The greatest powers that are assisting you are unseen. You Live Within The Grace, Power and Protection Of God’s Love.



“The greatest powers that are assisting you are unseen. However, they can be known, and it is your privilege to know them. The greater powers perhaps cannot be touched, but they can touch you, and you can receive their grace and utilize it appropriately, for it is you who must grow and regain your strength and authority. In this, you must be supported but not overshadowed. You must be assisted but not manipulated. You must be protected but not guarded. What great compassion this demonstrates.” – Excerpt, “Greater Community Spirituality“, Chapter 16


“The Unseen Ones are watching. You can feel them, and you can hear them. Though they will not come too close so as not to dominate you or to cast too great an influence upon you, they will abide with you. Remember them. They have not forgotten you.” –  Excerpt: http://www.newmessage.org/wiki/Angelic_Presence


“Your Spiritual Family beyond the world is supporting your spiritual development by communicating to you through the Mental Environment. The Unseen Ones are supporting your spiritual development by overseeing your participation in the world and by participating with you at the critical turning points of your life. And the Creator is supporting your spiritual development because the Creator has given you Knowledge—a pure, guiding intelligence within you. Beyond the reach of the world and worldly contamination, it remains ever pure and ever complete within you.”  – Excerpt: “Living The Way Of Knowledge“, Chapter 6


“There are Angels of the Creator who help humanity with more immediate things, with practical matters, with urgent needs for the well-being of communities and for the advancement of people’s efforts that are truly beneficial.”  –  Excerpt “Why A New Message From God”.


“In order to enter into holy union with your Teachers, you must share your Teachers’ greatness, thus releasing you from the debilitating ideas and self-doubts that have been the context in which you have tried to organize and direct your affairs and establish your life in exile.” – “Secrets Of Heaven“, Secret 17


The Greatest Powers That Are Assisting You Are Unseen

The Greatest Powers That Are Assisting You Are Unseen



Image: “Stone In The Lake”, Courtesy Of  “Evgeni Dinev”, at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Source Of Love ….


“The experience of love melts you away. Your personal side, that tiny part of your mind in which you live, melts into your impersonal self, or True Self, because it is overtaken.  That is surrender … Love is when God overtakes you. You have stopped running. At that time, you do not care about personal fulfilment. You only want help and you only want to know: “What is it? I give up!” Then something very powerful happens. Love starts to overtake you, and you start to have an influence on other people.”

Excerpt: Wisdom from the Greater Community 2, Chapter 19

Wisdom From The Greater Community

Wisdom From The Greater Community